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Career in Digital/Social Media Marketing in India: Be Future Ready

career in digital marketing in india
Thinking of a career in digital marketing in India?
Many people often ask,
“What is the Scope of digital marketing in India?”
“What is starting salary for a digital marketing executive in India?”
“Is a digital marketing career rewarding enough?”
“What are the most important certifications to be a certified digital marketing professional?”
“Is a digital marketing course the right choice for my career?”
“Can arts students also understand digital marketing?”
“Is digital marketing only for engineers since it is a very technical field?”
And the list goes on…… . .
If you are one of those people who have these doubts then IFTDM will love to help find all the answers…
But before we learn about Digital marketing, it is important to know some global numbers about the digital world we live in.



  • As per last recorded data, India is the 2nd highest internet consuming nation after China.
  • An average internet consuming adult spends approximately 90 min/day online.
  • There has been a 21% increase in Internet penetration in India from Jan 2018 – Jan 2019.

These stats clearly show you how this field is growing and the possible exposure you stand to get by following a career in this field.


Scope of Digital Media Marketing in India

Today email being the primary medium of communication among peer to peer or business to business is a sheer example that internet has taken over all other forms of communication. It is today the biggest go to medium be it in personal space of work space. With this most of the businesses already understand that for their brands and business to grow there is massive need of digital marketing teams who can not only support the business but also find new ways to reach to their customers and keep the business growing. With such a scenario the scope of digital media marketing can never be questioned, sooner or later each and every business would be using in one way or the other form of digital marketing supporting the fact that digital marketing will only grow forever.
A recent finding tells how many vacancies usually stay in digital marketing industry is beyond 100,000 per annum and is growing with massive speed

It is one of the most rewarding and handsome paying job in India right now.

Various Career options in Digital Marketing

• Digital Marketing Manager:
• Web Developer & Web Designer
• Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager
• SEO Executive
• SEM Executive
• Content Marketer
• Social Media Influencers
• Bloggers
• Affiliate Marketers
• Community Managers
• Analytics Manager
• CRM Manager
• Email Marketing Manager
• E-Commerce Manager


What are the starting packages for fresher?

Well the starting packages always depend on lot many things apart from the knowledge of digital marketing. Interpersonal skills, presentation skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, creative thinking and mathematical skills, all these put together makes the best digital marketing professional, however not everyone can possess all these traits or qualities, hence having one of these apart from digital media marketing knowledge gets you an edge in the market.
At IFTDM we ensure that we not only train on digital media marketing skills but also one of the above mentioned traits, for example if you are good at creative thinking then you are a perfect match for UI/UX for the consumer facing brands and any employer would love to hire you for the same reason, similarly if you have great skills in maths, then along with digital marketing knowledge you are a perfect match for any ecommerce business as that involves a lot of number crunching and vice versa. The list goes on and every added skill that we train people on comes as value addition for every aspirant and gives them the edge to beat the others in market.
The precise range where a fresher usually starts in this industry is 15k to 25k, but the growth is rapid and once you know the game then sky is the limit.

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