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India Job Market by 2022: The next wave of employment


The hiring sentiments in India will go up in the coming years but for completely new skills. Almost 20% to 25% of the workforce in the retail sector would be deployed in jobs that have radically changed skill set requirements in the next five years, according to a recently released report. Aspirants with industry knowledge and practical intelligence are likely to benefit in the new employment era.
A joint report by FICCI and NASSCOM also stresses on the changing hiring environment, which would soon require completely different skill sets. According to the report, the internet and exponential technologies are creating new employment opportunities in the areas of ‘white-collar’ working, also known as gig economy — online labour – software developers, creative and multimedia professionals, online sales and marketing professionals, writers, translators and data entry operators.
These new skills are logistics, warehousing, web and app design, system integration, customer service, big data and machine learning. “New business models such as e-commerce and mobile-based e-retailing are increasingly becoming popular in India across tier I, II and III cities. The impact of this growth is already visible on the job market,” Anurag Malik, partner, people and organisation, Advisory Services, EY, said.
The EY report, based on a survey, has identified 12 megatrends that would lead the way for future of jobs in 2022. These include topics like the level of Indian exports, rapid adoption of technologies in the advanced markets and its impact on off-shoring, the changes in the overseas job market for Indian workforce and the level of foreign investments, among others.
Some of the threatened jobs in the sector are cashier, inventory associate, sales representative and stock boy. The maximum impact of adoption of technology on jobs will be felt in warehouse management, the report noted. Future job opportunities will be higher in these roles: VFX Artist, Computer Vision Engineer, Wireless Network Specialist, Embedded System Programmer, Data Scientist, Data Architect, AI Research Scientist, Automobile Analytics Engineer, 3D Printing Technician, Vehicle Cybersecurity Expert, Sustainability Integration Expert etc.

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