What is SEO? And how it works?

What is SEO? And how it works?

What is SEO? And how it works?

SEO is an important part of website development which will help you get organic traffic

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of rules and practices which is utilised for increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on a particular website. SEO is done to produce higher rankings on the search engines results and also to bring maximum organic traffic. Organic traffic, as you might know is traffic which is brought without displaying any ads on the internet. Hence, SEO is an important recipe through which you can make your website visible to the search engine for a certain keyword.

A website is the place of information on the internet and SEO is like a salesman which helps in bringing the desired traffic to it. If a website doesn’t have proper SEO, its pages are not shown on the search results of a search engine and hence, visitor count will be very low. For proper Search Engine Optimization, you have to take care of many things, most important of which is content. First, let’s understand how SEO works.


How SEO work?

When you type a keyword in the search field of a search engine which can by Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, you get hundreds of results directly or indirectly related to your keyword. All these links showcased in the result are connected to web pages which might have content you are looking for. The very list you are seeing is the result of performing effective search engine optimization.

All search engines out there have a crawler program which goes out and collects information about every type of content which is available on the internet. With all this information an index is built. This index is then made to run through an algorithm that works on the available data by matching it with your query and comes out with related resulted. Viola! you get your answer.

But the main objective is how to impress the search engine crawler? Here comes the optimization part which includes working upon the quality and quantity or content, meta title, meta description, title tags keyword usage and much more.

There are two main types of search engine optimization – On-page and off-page.

On-page SEO

The main parts of on-page SEO is Content, Keyword, and HTML. Google looks out for good quality content which somehow answer an important question related to the selected keyword. The content you are creating for your website should be fresh and must use keywords for better placement of your website. The content has to be thorough and must include a direct answer as Google usually provide searches with direct answers on the result page itself.

Next important factor of SEO is the selection of keywords, keyword research as well as their competition. If you select keyword related to free service and sells your service for some money, you’ll get the traffic but there won’t be any conversion because targeted audience is looking out for free stuff. You must understand what kind of audience you are looking for while performing on-page SEO. Another point to keep in mind is the keyword competition. If the competition is too high then your page will not be shown on the search results easily.

Off-page SEO

Let’s go outside your comfort zone, the off-page SEO is something which determines how authoritative and trustful your website is. Domain Authority means how widespread your website is for example Pepsi and coca cola, everyone knows them. Page authority is similarly determining level of authority the content of a single page has over other similar content pages on the internet. DA and PA lies on a scale of 0-100 and most news channels and successful blogs have Domain and Page Authority of more than 80. It is quite easy to go up to 20 but crossing the 40 DA mark is pretty difficult to achieve.

Google also determines the trustworthiness by checking how many links on the internet are linking back to your website. These links are called backlinks and more backlinks your website has, higher your rankings will be for a particular keyword. Next is, how much popular your website or your content pages are on the social media. A simple mantra is more shares your links get on the social media the high your rankings will be. So, it is very important that you submit your content links on other related blogs and websites which will not only help you get more visitors but also provide you quality backlinks.

Where you are heading?

So, this is what Search Engine Optimization is and how it is worked upon. SEO is the difference between a successful business and bankrupt start-ups. IFTDM has well designed course which will give you full knowledge of SEO along with experience on real-time industry projects. The real industry projects will give you necessary insight which will lead you to become an SEO expert. By learning Digital Marketing at IFTDM from great industry leaders, you’re going to create a new career path with unstoppable spirit.

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