Work With Us - IFTDM
Working at IFTDM requires a single ingredient, passion to integrate all your past learning into a stream of knowledge and ability to simplify the same so that it can become useful to millions, and also easily shareable.
We are flexible with your working style till the time our vision is aligned for one single goal which is to deliver world class industry ready aspirants in the field of Digital Marketing and Film Training. Your valuable experience can always enhance other individuals that you may work with, hence having a giving nature and a caring attitude makes you a perfect match for IFTDM. We are looking for various individuals to join our work force :

Current Openings

1. Director Of Photography (M/F)
      At least 5 years of hands-on experience and knowledge of various equipment types. Understanding of various ranges on shots and also very good at B roll.
2. Sound Producer/Engineer (M/F)
      4+ Years of working experience makes you a perfect fit for this role. Knowledge of popular software and part record of making tracks, composition, background scores and various other skill sets covered under the same.
3. Light Engineer (M/F)
      Lighting is an art and very few are expert in it, we are looking for someone who not only understands the importance of lighting in film making but also has operated light types in various scenarios.
4. Social Media Evangelist (M/F)
     Experience of at least 8+ brands in past and 4+ years is a must for SME. Social Media is something that technically no one can learn theoretically hence a person with practical approach towards the topic is a perfect match.
5. Viral Content Marketing Experts (M/F)
      People say “No one knows which video will go Viral” but stats tell. You can always plan for a content which has a potential to go Viral. Someone having deep understanding of making short format content, preferably one man knows all kind of a guy, who has been making concepts or making short films in past is a right mix of skills that we are looking for.
6. Email Marketeers (M/F)
      Email marketing is very vaguely understood across digital marketing universe, however it does play one of the very effective role in terms of conversion metric. We are looking for a champion copy master who knows what it  takes to make a consumer open an email and also click on it.
7. Student coordinator (F)
      Past experience in professional training institutes is a big plus. We would want you be an amazing personality with a pleasing voice, and yes the more you can talk the better it gets.
8. Councillor (F)
      The role needs to you to be a person who not only understands people’s psychology but also knows how to make them understand whats good for them and whats not. Past experience as HR or similar role would be a preference.