World Class Mentors - IFTDM

IFTDM students acquire mentoring by a lot of experienced industry leaders. All of them are renowned professionals in their respective fields including some Cannes winning subject specialists.


Akshay Appu

Digital Marketing Consultant

Very few people in the industry are known for for their analytical thinking and number driven approach towards problem solving. One of the most sought after professionals in digital marketing, Akshay is one such person. With his experience of working with different brands – Airtel, Samsung, Aircel, General Motors etc – he will be a great asset for all students in IFTDM.

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Manish Bhatt

Founder - August Communications

Manish, Chief Creative Officer at August Communications, has been helping brands in the most innovative ways to communicate with their audience. He has already proven his mettle and has been recognized as a leading content and a creative person in the advertising sphere for the last 18 years.

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Anuj Madan

AVP - PHD India

A Google certified and a highly passionate digital professional, Anuj has driven high performance digital marketing campaigns across brands like Amex, Lufthansa, Swatch among many others over the last 12+ years. He is a strategic and comprehensive media thinker, working with single-minded vision and perfection in execution make him a trusted mentor.

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Shashi Mukherjee

Head of Digital - Reckitt Benckiser(Gurugram)

Shashi has been facilitating brands for the last 13 years with his data analytics skills and creative strategies. He has a multifaceted personality widening his outlook towards coaching his team. As an excellent MarCom person he has the potential to bring in ideas and think out of the box.


Saurabh Gupta

Founder - Garage Group

An entrepreneur, traveller, filmmaker, technology geek and much more. Saurabh has been practising all traits so effortlessly and still manages to be on top of everything happening around him. He is a result driven professional with acute business acumen. Being very proactive, creative and analytical in thinking are the key skills that makes him inevitable as a great mentor.


Anjali Chauhan

Director : Content and Publishing at Garage Productions | Style
Gods | Motorcycle Diaries | Thinking Tech

Anjali oversees content produced by writers, training them to be an arbiter of best practices quality and style for all Garage products and portals. She develops standards and systems for content creation, distribution, maintenance, retrieval and content re-purposing, including the real-time implementation of content strategies.


Shayakh Mirza

CEO - Garage Media

Shayakh started his career as completely new to the field of advertising. However today he stands as one of the strongest professional for Strategy and Media planning. Pitch hacks and managing large brands are his key assets and will be instrumental as a mentor at IFTDM.