About Us - IFTDM

“You can do homework from now until doomsday, but you will never win fame and fortune unless you also invent big ideas.


– David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising

IFTDM - An Idea

IFTDM - An Idea

Necessity is the mother of all inventions and that is the belief system that IFTDM works on. With a growing need of Digital Marketing Professionals and trained Film Making Individuals, it’s difficult to find the right talent in today’s market. Both the industries are fairly new and unfortunately, are ruled by the simple principal of exploiting youth across geographies with little or almost zero assistance to help them make their mark in the most challenging yet rewarding ecosystem.

After an extensive four year research in the supply side of talent through both the industries we realized there is a huge gap in the market, primarily related to the kind of training students receive and what they are actually supposed to do when they start working. IFTDM was formed with the purpose of filling this need gap. Our courses are taught by leading industry veterans who not only impart theoretical knowledge, but also focus a lot on the practical aspects and teaching students through their own experiences. The inception of IFTDM marks the beginning of quality training in respective fields of Digital Marketing and Film Training.

Institute of Film Training and Digital Marketing(IFTDM) specialized in advanced training in the most aspiring fields of today

Who We Are

IFTDM carries rich pedigree from its parent, Garage Group, which has already been established as one of the strongest brands in the media and production sectors. Both Garage Media and Garage Productions enjoy an elevated position in the industry with outstanding planning and feature rich content deliveries. IFTDM carries this mantle of educating young, aspiring leaders on how to steer their brand stories to success in their respective spheres.
The entire IFTDM leadership thrives on a no compromise attitude and focuses on the development, acquisition and application of creative skills, which is lacking in the Digital Marketing and Film Training sectors currently. Our goal is to impart the best training and knowledge possible, through various formats to create future industry leaders. This sole purpose gave us the drive to dedicate an institute to impart uncompromising knowledge, using the best mediums and mentors who have already been through the grind and aced their respective fields.

What We Do

Our list of Masters comprises of many experienced Industry Leaders and Veterans who will for the first time open up to young and raw talent and mentor them on what exactly is needed in market today, to not only get a job but to make a career. With decades of experience these Mentors have not only witnessed the growth of the entire industry but also have outgrown many trends and competitors having secured there venerable position in the industry.

We ensure not just classroom teachings, but an overall practical development of our students. Our teaching ensures that the students be well-versed with the knowledge they get and how to apply it in the real world effectively.