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Established in 2020, IFTDM is a subsidiary of Garage Collective, inheriting a strong legacy from its parent, known for prominence in media and production. Aligned with Garage Media and Garage Productions, IFTDM is dedicated to educating emerging leaders on effective brand storytelling. With a focus on filling a void in Digital Marketing, our commitment is to deliver exceptional training through diverse formats, molding aspiring industry leaders.

Garage Collective stands out not just for its expertise in various facets of production but also for housing its music label, Garage Music, a technology-driven venture named Mobility Inclusive, and a production house named Garage Media. Setting themselves apart from typical agencies and traditional production studios, they present a distinctive fusion of strategic insight and production proficiency.


Work Where and How You Work Best

Our master mentors, seasoned industry leaders with decades of experience, are ready to guide and nurture young talent. They offer invaluable insights into current market demands, empowering students to not just find jobs but build lasting careers. With their wealth of experience, they’ve not only witnessed industry growth but have also secured venerable positions, making them invaluable guides for aspiring professionals.

Why Us?

IFTDM offers an advanced pathway in digital marketing, with meticulously curated course modules seamlessly integrated with Generative AI. Guided by seasoned mentors, our programs empower individuals with hands-on experience, ensuring a deep understanding of the dynamic digital marketing landscape and cutting-edge technologies.


  • 100% on Job Training Guarantee
  • Training at Industries Best Companies
  • Hands-on Training on Tools Like Google Ads, SEMrush, HubSpot, AHREF and more
  • Extensive Training in Generative AI tools like ChatGPT
  • Industry Based Certification

Digital Transformation for Organizations

Guiding organizations through seamless digital transformation, and navigating the path to success in the digital age

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Unlock the keys to your passion and success with us, as we specialize in cultivating innovative and creative minds, shaping a path to endless possibilities.

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